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Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment

Heavy Duty and Industrial Lifting Equipment

There are a number of industries that utilise heavy lifting equipment to move large items. Some of these industries include transport, roads, steel, mining, oil, gas and construction.As a supplier of industrial lifting equipment, including industrial winches and hoists, All-Ways Rigging Gear prides itself on remaining up to date with industry developments and safety requirements so that it can continue to offer the best advice and supplies within these industries.


Heavy Lifting Gear - Gas and Oil

Heavy lifting gear is vital to the gas and oil industries where it is used to construct and maintain rigs and gas plants. Drilling equipment can be extremely heavy and it takes the right kind of winches, hoists and rigging gear to handle this kind of equipment in a safe and cost effective way. It’s important that the heavy lifting gear used is durable – and often it’s necessary for the equipment to be heat and fire resistant. 

Construction Heavy Lifting

One of the biggest users of heavy lifting gear is the construction industry. Building sites often contain one or two cranes and these cranes use winches and hoists on a regular basis in order to offload trucks and move heavy items on to and around the construction site. 

Mining Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment

 Without heavy lifting equipment, the mining industry would not be able to exist in its current form. The industry relies heavily on rigging gear, hoists and winches – as well as wire cables and ropes in order to extract and transport minerals and geological materials like coal, iron and uranium from the mine site to the marketplace. 

Industrial Lifting Gear for Transport and Rail

Heavy duty lifting gear is used on a regular basis within the transport industry, especially the rail industry where large railway tracks and ballasts often need to be replaced or moved with the help of lifting equipment. Moving new trains onto tracks or old ones off also requires the use of heavy duty equipment designed to cope with large and heavy items.